Spannungswandler Typ 105-3.3


Wichtigste Eigenschaften

  • Ultrawide 1 : 6 input voltage range from 6V up to 36V
  • Output voltage of 3.3V
  • Output power of 5W
  • Capable for stationary ambient temperatures up to 85°C
  • No derating of power
  • Compact DIL24 metal case
  • Thermal shutdown (at 110°C)
  • Integrated EMI input filter
icon: case temp. range: -40°C .. 85°C icon: ultra wide input range icon: lead free

Beschreibung und Ressourcen

The DC Transformer 105-3.3 is a member of the 100 series buck power converter. The transformer includes a softstart, an input undervoltage lockout and a permanent short circuit protection to ensure efficient module protection. The soft start allows current limitation and eliminates inrush current during startup. The short circuit protection completely protects the transformer against short circuits of any duration by a shut down and restores to normal operation when the overload is removed. The transformer is able to deliver up to 25% more output power even at high temperatures. However, when reaching a critical temperature, the device enters in a thermal shut down to reduce power dissipation and to protect itself from self destruction. The transformer returns back to normal operation, when the overload is removed or the internal temperature falls below the critical value.